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    Our Passion

    Our certified master clinical herbalist is available to help you with ailments ranging from sinus infections, colds & flu, coughs, sore muscles, headaches and many more.

    We make the finest herbal medicines on the market with proven recipes  They are made from the highest quality organic or naturally grown herbs and they are not diluted so you will receive the maximum value of these wonderful herbs. 

    Antoinette Engelke, Certified Master Clinical Herbalist:

    Antoinette started her journey into the world of natural supplements in 1996 when she started to see and eventually work for a Naturopathic Doctor in Phoenix, AZ.  Due to family needs, Antoinette went back to work in corporate America but never forgot her training in Natural Supplements.  She learned the art of Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1999.  After moving to Colorado she continued her training, learning to make herbal supplements for her family and received her certification as a master herbalist.

    Angle K Farms Services


    • Initial Consultation:  $50 
    • Follow-Up Consultations:  $30 

    Herbal Supplement Prices:

    • 1oz Supplement (except Menopause): $12.00  
    • 2oz Supplement: $24.00 - 5% bulk discount = $22.80  
    • 4 oz Supplement: $48.00 - 5% bulk discount = $45.60  
    • Salves: $18.00 / 2oz bottle  
    • Herbal Tea Bags: $0.50 / tea bag (no bulk discount)  
    • Herbal Pills: $0.70 / pill (no bulk discount)  

    We will also customize supplements for our clients and can make any of our recipes with glycerine / apple cider vinegar instead of alcohol.  

    Senior (65+) and Active Military / Veterans: 10% Discount on supplements.  

    Note: only 1 discount applied per order/visit  

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    Up Coming Events & Workshops

    Up Coming Events:

    • None at this time


    • All workshop names start with AKF (Angle K Farms)
    • Learn medicinal properties of herbs
    • Learn what herbs to use for specific conditions
    • Learn how to make remedies
    • Start building your herbal dictionary
    • Hands on workshops available 

    AKF Child 100

    Description:  Herbal Supplements for children

    Date / Time:  TBD

    Where:  10490 Dransfeldt Rd, Suite 100 Parker, CO 80134

    Registration:  Call (720)277-3808

    Length:  4 Hour Class

    Who should attend:  Parents / Grandparents / Guardians who would like to understand natural means of helping children move through childhood ailments

    Prerequisite Class:  None

    • Learn which herbs help with teething, colic, cold, flu, ear infection and insect bites.
    • Learn the medicinal properties of these herbs and why they help in these situations
    • Learn what herbal/homeopathic remedies you should have in your medicine cabinet.
    • Learn dosage for different ages
    • Build your herbal dictionary:  Take home index cards for each herb, explaining medicinal properties and cautions for each herb taught in class.

    AKF Child 101

    Description:  Making of Herbal Supplements for children

    Date / Time:  TBD

    Where:  10490 Dransfeldt Rd, Suite 100 Parker, CO 80134

    Registration:  Call (720)277-3808

    Length:  4 Hour Class

    Who should attend:  Parents / Grandparents / Guardians who would like to make their own natural remedies for the children in their lives. 

    Prerequisite Class:  AKF Child 100

    • More in-depth look of the medicinal properties from the herbs taught in AKF Child 100 course
    • Choose a remedy to make from AKF Child 100 course
    • Learn how to extract herbs, make herbal candy, popsicle and more 
    • Make the remedy of your choice in any form taught and take home


    AKF - Child 100:  $100

    AKF - Child 101:  $100

    AKF - Child 100 + AKF - Child 101:  $150 (Must register for both at same time to receive discount)


    Lisa N:  Throughout my day, both at work and play, I encounter many sneezes and handshakes. I rely on Angle K Farms Herbal Supplements to keep me at the top of my game, whether as preventive maintenance – I use Immunity, or to combat a bug, ache or pain. A few doses, and symptoms vanish and I am back 100%.
    Antoinette’s all natural and organic supplements work wonders for all manner of ailments. And Angle K Farms has supplements that can help you ease your dependence from prescription medications and expensive therapies – Depression? Hormone Replacement Therapy? High Cholesteral? Schedule a consultation with Antoinette and explore your options.
    Lisa Nation, LMT
    Touch Massage Therapy

    Amanda E:  All I can say is natural medicine saved my life as a child, and I know it will help others with miracles. I know people who have tried to get off prescription medicine, and it never worked. Well, nows your chance. Set up a consultation with this amazing women and change your life forever. It did more then just change my life, it saved my life and because of that, I know it will have the same effects on others. Don't fall into the trap that you need to take prescription medicines for your ailments because you don't! There is a way out and it doesn't even have side effects!

    Karen  T:  "I have been using herbal remedies from Angle K Farms for several years now and they have been very effective on many levels. I've had success with Clarity for concentration and focus, and her women's formula for hot flashes. She also has very effective remedies for colds and flu - if you take these when you start feeling under the weather, they will most times prevent you from coming down with anything.

    Antoinette has a passion for her craft and it is very personal for her. She is very conscientious about obtaining the highest quality herbs from around the world, and sitting down with you and getting to know what your history and specific needs are. 

    Angle K Farms is an important resource in our household and we are so grateful to have Antoinette to turn to for healing. Her formulas really work - highly recommend!

    Cam W:  Wonderful products that truly work! Highly recommended!